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The ARC Way

From day one, the ARC business model has been based on service delivery excellence. It is one of the things that differentiates us from our competitors and that has led to the high quality and loyal customer base that we serve today. Coupled with the can-do attitude that runs through the whole of the ARC team and the positive approach to problem solving that puts our commitment to exceeding expectations beyond a talking point with our customers, our way of working is what we, and our customers, refer to as The ARC Way.

ARC is Everywhere 

This phrase crept into the ARC lexicon when, many years ago during a customer presentation, our founder was explaining the various sectors that we operate in. To illustrate the point, he talked about retail outlets, coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, pubs, nightclubs etc., and described a typical day out that might include some shopping, a coffee break, lunch and perhaps dinner and a movie in the evening, followed by a nightcap in a pub or club on the way home, the point being that in all of the above premises, there was a very good chance that ARC would be involved in some element of the IT & EPOS infrastructure.

The company being presented to listened to everything that was being said and then commented “So, ARC is Everywhere is what you are saying then?”. His statement was of course true and today it also has a wider meaning as it also very well describes our global service delivery capabilities. We have that customer to thank for first coining the phrase “ARC is Everywhere”, which we have unashamedly adopted!

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ARC in Action

What we find unique about ARC is their total commitment to service which goes completely beyond an SLA based approach. In truth ARC are best described as “obsessive” about service and are the only service company we have found that tick the “as good as going there yourself” box.
SSP, Chief Information Officer.

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