Where We Work

UK & Ireland

Originally formed to service the UK & Ireland market, we have a fully employed field engineering team covering all parts of the UK & Ireland, including the harder to reach areas that our competitors do not readily service. We carry out many thousands of hardware stage/builds, onsite installations and break-fix calls annually. However large and widely distributed your estate, we have the resource and service portfolio to support your operations and help you achieve that all-important maximum device uptime level that translates directly to increased revenue and profit for your business.


Following a few years of operation in our home market, some of our customers started asking for service delivery to their overseas trading units. Our response was the creation our now well-established Partner Service Provider (PSP) network. Our PSP network is made up of a group of companies that have been hand-picked by our founder to provide service to our customers on our behalf in a way that is best described as “as good as going there ourselves”. By accessing the network, our UK & Ireland based customers can enjoy service delivery throughout their global estates without the pain of having to deal with overseas service providers. Once a ticket or works request has been logged with our service desk, we manage everything from there until ticket closure, just as if the ticket had been a domestic one.

Similarly, overseas companies looking to expand into the UK, Europe and the Nordics can rely on us to be their one-stop-shop for all IT and EPOS related services from their first unit opening onwards.

If you are a UK & Ireland based company looking to expand outwards or an overseas company looking inwards, let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.

0870 066 5569
0870 066 5569