CCTV – Security, Thermal Imaging and Density Control Solutions

Our services portfolio is ever increasing. We have partnered with Hikvision, a world leading provider of security solutions, to provide a range of security, temperature screening and density control solutions. Our aim is to always ensure our customers can trade in the safest possible manner and this range of market-leading products provide the utmost protection to both your staff and customers.

Our range of CCTV installations can be tailored to your specific requirements depending on the type of camera definition and business setting. With any CCTV setup, not only will it make your employees and customers feel safer, it will help to prevent and reduce the chances of theft whilst reducing your security costs.

The thermal cameras and temperature screening solutions are designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios. Be it a retail outlet, office building, warehouse, restaurant, or train station, this can be fully adapted and implemented into any business environment.

When it comes to social distancing, it’s imperative that businesses can limit the number of people allowed within its premises. Our density control solution does exactly that by automatically provide clear signage and people counting technology to avoid overcrowding in your premises.

Whether you have a small retail shop, or a large site with multiple entrances, such as a supermarket or distribution depot, we have a cost-effective solution available to help keep your staff and customers safe.

With everything we do, the ARC team can support you every step of the way from initial requirements through to deployment and on-going maintenance.

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